Monday, July 2, 2018

Number 18: In Which Dr. Inkenstein Is Baffled, Though Pleasantly Surprised

Dr. Inkenstein is by no means a Poiple Ink lover, but some of them do appeal to me. This ink is one of them (the other, not suprisingly, is also a MI, but an earlier one, with 'Aubergine' in its name.)

The chroma showed no complexity, and I saw no shading or sheen, but it DOES go down with a reddish tint that vanishes almost on contact, leaving a sort of periwinkle tone very similar to those Rhodia dots.

No guesses this time...but the ink was revealed as Akkerman (coolest inke bottles ever) Parkpop Purpur.  And continued thanks to FPG Scooby for letting us in on the fun.

Monday, June 11, 2018

The 16th Mystery: In Which Dr. Inkenstein Misses the Guess Yet Again

(Can this be true?  Is Dr. Inkenstein the first one to get MI # 16 in the mail this time? Woohoo!)

Here we go, then, live, as it happened.  Over to you!

In any case...I like this ink! It's a slightly green-leaning blue with excellent behavior. NO hard starts at all at first, but when it lay in the pen awhile, alas, yes.

Plus, it looks pretty in that Dollar demonstrator.

Here it is also compared it in color to a couple of similar-looking inks.

The guesses which were wrong: Monteverde Horizon Blue, Iroshizuku Kon-Peki.  Actual Mystery Ink was Colorverse Crystal Blue Persuasion, I mean, Crystal Planet.  No chroma this time.  Dr. Inkenstein pleads forgetfulness....and more Mysteries to come.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Mysteries Continue: In Which Dr. Inkenstein Is Wrong Again

More Mysteries at hand for Dr. Inkenstein in....

...The snow report! This was kind of a rush job...snowstorm (that is, when this was first composed!), power loss (no heat, light, or innerwebz) power back today, got ink a couple hours ago.

Loaded directly into a Sheaffer No Nonsense, which doesn't get on very well with the ink, though I thought it would. But I wanted to use a cartridge pen this time, ratherthan the Dollar piston-filler. I might swap the cart into a slightly better Sheaffer.

A light, bright springlike (and we could use some spring!) ink. Lighter than both the MB Irish and the JH Lierre Sauvage. No sheen for me, hardly any shading. I see a turquoise halo in the chroma, which may not show up in this scan. 

You'd think Dr. Inkenstein woukd have guessed correctly this time.  Especially since the MI in question was ALSO one I own, and RIGHT THERE ON THE PAGE AS A COMPARISON.

Hint:  it wasn't MB Irish Green.  Mystery Ink # 15 was JHerbin Lierre Sauvage. Which I own.  And had loaded.   Will I ever get one right?  Tune in next time.  The Ink Mysteries continue.....

The Department of Mysteries: In Which Favorites Are Revisited

Long time no ink.  But a kind soul (this means you, Scooby!) at Fountain Pen Geeks has revived the Great Mystery Ink Extravaganza, and I was lucky enough to get on board.  MI 14 turned out to be blue.  This was fortunate.  Dr. Inkenstein likes blue.

Ur scribblz, I haz demz:


This was Rhodia paper, and the ink delivery system was a Dollar Demonstrator used for countless ink tests.  

This particular ink seemed to start hard after I had loaded and left it on its side for a couple of hours, but it wrote with a fairly suave and slinky manner.

I started to guess:  Sailor Jentle Blue also has red sheen, but MI 14 probably isn't this; I have JB in a JinFari at the moment, and the Jentle ink looks darker. This is a bright blue that looks denim-y in heavier application.

Is it a Robert Oster ink? I'm pretty unfamiliar with the line, apart from some pen pal letters.

Diamine Blue Velvet got on my fingers, too, every time I used it. Clearly, though I loved its properies and color, that ink hated me.

Mystery Ink 14 turned out to be.....Akkerman Shocking Blue. Which I already had.   So why couldn't I guess right?

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Shootout! In Which Jinhao and Delike Go Toe-to-Toe

Of the Jinhao 992 and the Delike New Moon...I use them and enjoy them both. Maybe it's the ink, but the 992 lays down a wetter, heavier line. (Not to mention the jewel-cracking issue....the pen with a glass jaw?)
 The New Moon cost more, but as a Sapporo homage, it does the job (as does the Pilot Prera, or so I think, and the NM is half the Prera's price).

The finer, slightly drier Delike would be better for sketching and liner notes. I can feel the difference writing, even though that may not show well on the image. 


Thursday, May 4, 2017

Coloriffic: In Which Dr. Inkenstein Gets A Delivery

Sooooo many colorrrrrs!

Dr. Inkenstein recently purchased a bunch of these off fleabay. They're so cute I laugh every time I pick one up. Yes, they have the famed logo of Big Brown. They probably date from the 1980s or 90s.  NO idea of their true history, though.

They are comfortable enough to hold, and seem to be of decent build quality.  Dr. Inkenstein will use these as travel companions and diva-y ink testers.  And maybe give a couple away.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

New Pen In Town: In Which Dr. Inkenstein Goes With The Flow

So there are a couple new Chinese pens being talked about that Dr. Inkenstein has had the misfortune, err, good luck, to stumble upon.  After swearing off pen purchases.

You can see just how long THAT lasted.

Here's the Jinhao 992 with a quick test using Noodler's 41 Brown and absolutely no flushing of the pen, which is how we do things around here.  I also forgot the model number of this pen. It's not written anywhere that I noticed.

On this paper, with this ink, it writes a wet medium-fine line that was almost too thick for sketching. By contrast, the Delikes I also just got, which are Chinese homages to the Sailor Sapporo, write a needle-fine line.


The 992 is a good size, light in weight, and posts well.  Ideal for Dr. Inkenstein's particular needs.  

The second Jinhao 992 is blue, and I filled it with Dromgoole's dark-dark-gray USS Texas.  Which is apparently a very wet ink, and as these are very wet pens, the result was like an oil spill.  USS Texas was quickly decanted, and the pen refilled with my very dry custom mix of Minato-no-Burushii.  

(A possible head-to-head with this blue 992 and one of the Delikes is bewing.)

Dr. Inkenstein likes these! Maybe I should have gotten more. :)