Monday, December 3, 2018

MI # 21: In Which Dr. Inkenstein Has The Gall

Dr. I does not know what to make of this Iron Gall ink yet...but loaded a Safari and plunged 'write' in. 

In the vial and the chroma, it's a cerise/fuschia color. But it dries dark. I believe it will flow better once it settles in to the pen.


Not very complex flower chroma, but interesting in that it retains the brighter color element:


The ink was very unhappy when Dr. Inkenstein wrote to a pen pal using Clairefontaine paper. It writes better on Rhodia Ice. Which hardly even makes sense.

In any case, I love doing Mystery Inks; this one turned out to be Platinum Lavender Black. Thanks, Scooby!

Monday, October 8, 2018

Dimensions: A Yuu Yuu Hakusho Fanfic

This particular tale casts Shayla Kidd in the role of detective.
Title: Dimensions: A Shayla Kidd Mystery
Author: JaganshiKenshin
Genre: Action/Adventure, Mystery
Rating: K+/PG-13
Summary: A house of horrors, and Shayla Kidd walks into it.
When a black cat crosses her path, the nightmare begins
Dimensions: A Shayla Kidd Mystery
"Are you alone?"
The girl plucked at her sleeve, a jerky, nervous gesture. "For now," she murmured.
But why, she wondered, would the girl's captors leave her alone in the house, even for a few minutes? "Then... could I please impose on you for another favor?"
"Certainly." A refined girl, Shayla estimated, of good background, innocent, but fallen into evil hands?
"I'm very thirsty. Would you...?"
"Oh," said the wan girl. "Please help yourself. The kitchen is down the hall, then again to the right."
Shayla Kidd went into the kitchen, glanced at the bare kitchen counters, then rifled through the cabinets. Nothing that screamed human trafficking, just a dreary assortment of rice crackers and ramen packets.
Been here too long already. She opened a base cabinet, balanced on one knee.
Youki! Faint, but-
Better get out now, take the girl with me, bring her somewhere safe. Say something along the lines of, 'I know we're in the same boat, we can flee together.'
A touch startled her; she almost yelped, then breathed out in relief. It was only the small black cat from outside, at her elbow. Nice kitty. Go away.
She reached out toward the silent, urgent cat, trying to brush it aside, but it disappeared from under her hand-
Shayla Kidd lost her balance, slipped forward, sensed a faint whistle of air. The blow connected with the back of her head. Stars exploded before her eyes. Then darkness.
Read the rest HERE.

Monday, August 20, 2018

MI #20: In Which We Discover Green

We give you...Mystery Ink # 20.

Green is the opposite of dry, right? Green fields, green leaves, mint-green liquor drinks with green umbrellas and a pineapple spear.

This is green. This is dry. 


Ink flower chroma:


Hana no inku shows a teeny bit of a yellow halo. And maybe even a hint of red center? I like it.

Paper was Rhodia Ice. 

Shading? Maybe the nib wasn't broad enough. And Dr. Inkenstein keeps waiting for the ink to get dark. Because in the bottle, it looked dark. 

Changing the ink cart to a UPS-logo pen of uncertain ancestry did not change the dry-itude.  But it has grown on me, and the UPS pen was refilled when it ran low.

As to guessing the brand and color.... NO idea.  But it was revealed as...another Colorverse ink!  Sea of Tranquility, to be exact.  

Mystery Inking is so much fun.

Monday, July 23, 2018

The 19th Mystery: In Which etc. And So Forth

Ahhhh! One of Dr. Inkenstein's favorite color families, judging from the  approximately one million turquoise inks in my possession, and this is timely, because in the summer I always have one turquoise-loaded pen, and it just got cleaned.

MI #19 was tested in a Parker Reflex and on Rhodia grid. I just happened to have a turquoise Pilot Varsity on the desk, and grabbed that for comparison's sake. They look vewy, vewy similar.

I also ran a paper towel chroma on both MI #19 and the Varsity. Even this is quite similar.

So far, no hard starts, no southpaw smearing, but mayyybeeee a touch of sheen? Judging by the amount on the Reflex's feed....

MI #19 started to run dry in its Parker Reflex and needed dipping to start.  Dr. Inkenstein believes this to be a converter problem. After advancing the ink, it seemed to flow again.  And as another bonus, we discovered that the Parker Reflex takes Lamy carts just fine.

Just when it was decided that this is a good ink, MI #19 was revealed as 'Special Edition ink' Lamy Pacific Blue.  Which, it turns out, is the same ink as Lamy Turquoise.  Which Dr. Inkenstein already has.  


Monday, July 2, 2018

Number 18: In Which Dr. Inkenstein Is Baffled, Though Pleasantly Surprised

Dr. Inkenstein is by no means a Poiple Ink lover, but some of them do appeal to me. This ink is one of them (the other, not suprisingly, is also a MI, but an earlier one, with 'Aubergine' in its name.)

The chroma showed no complexity, and I saw no shading or sheen, but it DOES go down with a reddish tint that vanishes almost on contact, leaving a sort of periwinkle tone very similar to those Rhodia dots.

No guesses this time...but the ink was revealed as Akkerman (coolest inke bottles ever) Parkpop Purpur.  And continued thanks to FPG Scooby for letting us in on the fun.

Monday, June 11, 2018

The 16th Mystery: In Which Dr. Inkenstein Misses the Guess Yet Again

(Can this be true?  Is Dr. Inkenstein the first one to get MI # 16 in the mail this time? Woohoo!)

Here we go, then, live, as it happened.  Over to you!

In any case...I like this ink! It's a slightly green-leaning blue with excellent behavior. NO hard starts at all at first, but when it lay in the pen awhile, alas, yes.

Plus, it looks pretty in that Dollar demonstrator.

Here it is also compared it in color to a couple of similar-looking inks.

The guesses which were wrong: Monteverde Horizon Blue, Iroshizuku Kon-Peki.  Actual Mystery Ink was Colorverse Crystal Blue Persuasion, I mean, Crystal Planet.  No chroma this time.  Dr. Inkenstein pleads forgetfulness....and more Mysteries to come.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Mysteries Continue: In Which Dr. Inkenstein Is Wrong Again

More Mysteries at hand for Dr. Inkenstein in....

...The snow report! This was kind of a rush job...snowstorm (that is, when this was first composed!), power loss (no heat, light, or innerwebz) power back today, got ink a couple hours ago.

Loaded directly into a Sheaffer No Nonsense, which doesn't get on very well with the ink, though I thought it would. But I wanted to use a cartridge pen this time, ratherthan the Dollar piston-filler. I might swap the cart into a slightly better Sheaffer.

A light, bright springlike (and we could use some spring!) ink. Lighter than both the MB Irish and the JH Lierre Sauvage. No sheen for me, hardly any shading. I see a turquoise halo in the chroma, which may not show up in this scan. 

You'd think Dr. Inkenstein woukd have guessed correctly this time.  Especially since the MI in question was ALSO one I own, and RIGHT THERE ON THE PAGE AS A COMPARISON.

Hint:  it wasn't MB Irish Green.  Mystery Ink # 15 was JHerbin Lierre Sauvage. Which I own.  And had loaded.   Will I ever get one right?  Tune in next time.  The Ink Mysteries continue.....