Yuu Yuu Hakusho fanfics: tales of love, sacrifice, and sushi

After a too-long hiatus, I'm writing again, taking a couple of stories and moving them in a new direction. A Cowboy's Work Is Never Done is an example of that new direction, and l have posted the second chapter out of a probable four; Once Upon A Time In The West and Sidekick (y'all sense a theme developin' here?)are both in the drafting stage. Please look forward to it!

WHO is that nun and why is she standing on a rock?"

Yup--that was my first impression of Yuu Yuu Hakusho.

I discovered the series on Cartoon Network in the middle of the Beasts of Maze Castle saga--you know, the Gate of Betrayal storyline, halfway into the episode. The show instantly caught my attention in spite of some initial confusion about the cast. In addition to mistaking Hiei for a nun (a mistake that was dispelled the instant he opened his mouth) I also thought Kurama was a girl (ditto!), Kuwabara a cop in charge of them all, and Yuusuke was his enemy.

Eventually I learned who was who: Yuusuke cracking wise, Hiei with his snide one-liners, Kuwabara bellowing at him, and Kurama's subtle put-downs were icing on the cake. The story was both character and plot-driven, and the fights were actually about something.

While I enjoyed the dub of YYH, and liked the American voice actors, it wasn't until I finally heard the Japanese version that the series achieved True Prominence. From the moment I heard Hiei snarl at Yuusuke, the hairs stood up at the back of my neck, and Hiei's character came to life.

Anime and me:
My anime journey began long ago, when broadcast television aired a Russian-made cartoon called The Magic Antelope. (Or maybe it was called The Golden Antelope, or The Magic Horse; information was sketchy, and several release dates are given, ranging from 1949-1954. It may have been part of a package called Cartoon Classics, syndicated by Radio and Television Packagers).

By any name, the cartoon was beautifully rendered, filled with magical beasts and a brave, kindhearted orphan, and I loved it, and couldn’t wait to see more like it. But it was one of a kind.

Until I discovered Miyazaki’s Mononoke Hime.

Finally, a work that evoked the elusive, long-ago Russian cartoon! The hero even rode a red elk that resembled the Magic Antelope. Eager to see more, I tuned into Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. The rest is... maybe not history, but the saga of a love affair with anime.

I then completed a Yuu Yuu Hakusho 'novel;' its sequel Firebird Sweet, and numerous side stories set in that universe, including The Book of Cat With Moon.

For my canon I use a combo of the manga and anime--but I 'hear' the Japanese voices. Small point, but crucial to several key scenes in my work. I happen to be a voice freak. (And yes, I employ the Japanese method of putting last names first.)

Currently I am working on a couple of new fics, which I hope you will read and enjoy. I'm particularly interested in developing some of the under-used YYH characters such as Kaitou Yuu and Minamino Shiori.

New Story Added:

Title: The Thirteenth Attempt
Author: JaganshiKenshin
Genre: General, Humor
Rating: K +/PG-13
Summary: Another day, another poison.
A/N: We take a break from posting the Cowboy trilogy to post-well, maybe it's a Christmas tale-Christmas in Easter, that is.

This author likes Urameshi Yuusuke quite a lot, but he's so strong in battle that it's difficult to give him a role in Hiei-centered battle stories. This, however, is a battle of a different sort altogether.
More a vignette than a story, The Thirteenth Attempt takes a look at Yuusuke's determination, the other boys' avoidance behaviors, and Hiei's surprising conclusion.

'Waiter, there's a demon in my soup!'

"I'm still picking glass outta my teeth."

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