Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sailin' Da Blooz: In Which Dr. Inkenstein Searches For Truth

Turns out Dr. Inkenstein does not have very many True Blues. And of the following, some are far from true blue, and quite a few are sample vials: the Iroshizukus, and the Sailor Kobe #37 (thanks for this latter to bluesea!). Rotring Ultramarine, which Dr. I used to have, and re-purchased NOS from fleabay, is remembered as being a nice denim color. But it's actually POIPLE, as evidenced by the chroma. (sorta kinda....scannage tones down the normal dynamic color range). Rotring Ultramarine does fade down in poiple-osity a bit when fully dried. 

The Old Shoe MB was bought secondhand and is clearly a blue-black, but looks blue in the bottle. I swear it does. It's there for...contrast. Yeah, that's it. Contrast. Just like the Rotring.

Tsuyu-Kusa, while a lovely color with excellent properties, seems a little pale for everyday use. Asa-Gao... just didn't thrill me. 

My favorites? The classic Waterman Florida Blue, now a collector's item. And JH Eclat de Saphir. If I wanted a darker blue, Myosotis. I guess Skrip is up there, too, rating an Okay, At Least It's Inexpensive (this would be the conical-bottle Slovenia version).

These are not my finest chromas; I plead InCoSomNia.

Are my ink-bottle days behind me? Maybe. If Sailor made a true, clear blue with no green, turquoise or POIPLE undertones, I might be interested.

Da inx:

Da chromaz: