Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Moar 'baggage:' In Which Count Sockula Can't Stop Crocheting

Here are the latest ' round' of crocheted bags.  Count Sockula started crocheting baggage merely to have something to do when resting a painful knee.  Now I can't stop.

It's a little scary.  Muahahaaaa.

The white-ish drawstring mini was from long-forgotten yarn that I found, and it had already been worked into a round.  It's a soft, lustrous cotton with a springy twist.  The green and white mini is stretch sock yarn that had been wound a little too stretchy. 
 Most of the others are made of discloth cotton.  And very, very simple not-really-patterns at all, in which you either make a round in whatever stitch you like, or a rectangle, to make the bottom, and stop increasing to make the sides, which in most cases is a simple arch stitch.  

Hook sizes appropriate to yarn: H/8 for the dishcloth cotton, E/4 for the smaller stuff.

There are three, no, four more bags in the works, including a mini done from free yarn given to me by a local store.  I don't know what yarn it is but it's pretttyyyy.  Pics when they are done.

Oh..the biiig striped bag?  An old one, in a yarn now no longer made (Speed Cro-Sheen, pity...loved that yarn)...and sagging from holding ALL the previous bags.
Stay tuned.  Dr. Inkenstein is looming on the horizon, and I see MOAR blue ink!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sittin' Still: In Which Count Sockula Bags It

Okay, finally.

At least Count Sockula did something useful when having to rest an injured knee as much as possible for a week and a half.

Yes.  Bags.  Crocheting shopping bags by the dozen.  Using scraps of sock yarn, cotton, plastic twine from the dollar store, plastic raffia, and some Wool of Unknown Origin.

Not that the Count is 'going green.' Horrors, no.  But merely tired of lugging home groceries in plastic store bags that REEK OF PERFUME.  Thus also causing the groceries themselves to REEK OF PERFUME.  Necessitating their return.  Which is a pain.

Plus, using bits and leftovers and unearthed caches of  forgotten yarn appeals to the black belt tightwad within.

And then, well, we remembered the Solomon's Knot stitch and became slightly obssessed.  Three bags later (one of leftover sock yarn, two of plastic raffia) we knew how to work it in the round.

And from there it's all a blur.

The twine wasn't bad to work (that would be the blue, yellow and green bag, worked as a giant granny square with increases stopped to make the square into a tube), but the plastic raffia (candy corn color, plus the gold, brown, and vanilla bag) was a nightmare to handle.

And Count Sockula just unearthed another cache of it. :P

Now working on another set of, oh, three more bags in various states of completion.

The small neutral-hued one second from the left was what happened from the Solomon's Knot that started it all. It's sock yarn that I was never gonna use for socks anyway.

Yes.  Another group of bags to come.  Maybe after the next Ink-fest.