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Once upon a time I was a real writer, but retired to happily write fan fic. Other interests include fountain pens, horses and racing, barbecue (no, there is NO connection there!! Really!), and anime, from which I am learning about ten words of Japanese and one or two complete sentences.
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My pagey on Fanfic-dot-net

A Cowboy's Work Is Never Done--Updated

More about Dr. Inkenstein:
My first adult ink purchase (other than the carts that came with various pens I bought once I started collecting) was J Herbin.

Inks Dr. Inkenstein likes:

J Herbin. I have almost every color they make.
Old-style Sheaffer, with the little well in the impossible-to-get-off cap. But the new Sheaffer inks are okay too, and the bottle design is actually BETTER. Still, I'm kicking myself for getting rid of many old Sheaffer inks simply because I couldn't manage the caps. I had Black, Gray, Burgundy... Y_Y WHY didn't I just decant?
Waterman. Florida Blue is nice and friendly. So's their Black, and their Blue-Black has a nice greenish undertone that goes really well with my Waterman 'gusher' Phileas.
Pelikan. I love the grayish, faded-denim undertone of their Blue-Black, and their Turquoise ain't bad either.
In other words, the well-behaved, not-diva-y 'pen' inks.

Oh, the sad tale of Noodler's ink. Love their color range, don't like their thick, sticky formula. Gave away my Navaho Turquoise, only to buy it back again once I learned (from someone on the Fountain Pen Network, of course) you can DILUTE THEM with water. Problem solved. I then ordered the new V-Mail GI Green (way more evergreen than I thought), and the new 41 Brown.

At last I ordered a double sampler.  Behold the ink rainbow!

Since Dr. Inkenstein dilutes Noodler's Inks ranging from about 30-75%,  this sampler should last me, ohh, forever.
Dr. Inkenstein is also a born tinker-er, which is both a blessing and a curse. I've made my own charcoal, mosaic-ed a huge 70s-formica bathroom vanity (pic to come), cut my own quills, and all sorts of other more or less successful ventures.
Socks aren't nearly as messy as mosaic, and the edges can't slice your fingers.
On to the horses. I re-discovered horse racing only last year, when a pen pal reminded me of the Kentucky Derby, and it's been on my daily menu ever since.
In fact I have expanded, and joining a couple of horse-related forums and re-reading all of Walter Farley's Black Stallion and Island Stallion books only adds to the carnival. (But the new Yearling covers are HIDEOUS. What are they, horses or youkai?)

PS:  Ai speek fluid lolcat.