Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Behold! Teh horrors of SOCKENSTEIN!

Yes, with Sock-tober finished, and so also Sole-Vember, Count Sockula decided to mount another yarn-speriment.
But, my children, many a plan goes astray.   Behold!  And tremble in fear before this Sockenstein of horror! A monster, created only because Count Sockula got a bee in the bonnet about heel methods and finishing techniques!

Two socks, made by two different methods (cuff-down, with afterthought heel---the second on two straight needles, stitched up with a crochet slip stitch).

These unfortunate creatures cannot even be called fraternal twins. Perhaps not even siblings! Though made of the same yarn (Red Heart Rainbow Brights, thank you very much), one is a full two inches longer than the other!

Hang my head in shame!

Alas for Count Sockula that I did not heed the notations about afterthought heels! (as in, knit them shorter than one would knit 'normal' socks before working toe decreases)...
Alas for the poor sock, knitted to the specs for a normal heel-with-gusset!

Well, knit and learn. And shed a silent tear for these poor socks, sacrificed on the altar of science. Y_Y

(PS:  Gonna wear dems anyway... :-p)


  1. Great socks! There is no law anywhere that says socks have to match! And these do...they were made out of the same yarn!

  2. Thanks... these were so much fun I'm starting another similar pair. Soon. -_-