Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In Which Dr. Inkenstein Reviews the Pelikan Future Pen

Mostly hand-written, but Dr. Inkenstein wants to add that, at a mere $25, the Pelikan Future seems to be a typical good value and sturdy writer. 

The pen came from isellpens, along with its new little friend, a blue Peli Junior, which Dr. Inkenstein has reserved exclusively for Noodler's Baystate Blue.

Besides, I was eager to try the B nib.  Because every now and then, you just HAVE to write with a garden hose. 

And, as one would have to squint really, really hard, or use a magnifying glass, I will also tell you that although the Future has a kind of cheapy, plasticky feel to it, and the rubberized section isn't as cozy as the much-cheaper Pelikano Junior, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the B nib.  It lays down a thick,  smooth, wet line on just about any sort of paper (this example is a Staples Quad-ruled composition notebook), and though the pen's barrel is more of a lime green, and this Pelikan green ink cart more blue-ish, Dr. Inkenstein will let that slight discord slide for the moment.

It's a fun pen.  We like it very much.


  1. So you would probably be opposed to my 10/1.00 pens from Dollar Store, huh?


    Love your passion for pennage.

  2. Naaaah. We loves dollar stores.

    Thanks! But for whatever reason, blogspot isn't telling me of replies. X__X