Thursday, May 12, 2011

Knitting With Fountain Pens: In Which Count Sockula and Dr. Inkenstein Find Their Common Cause

So what does knitting have to do with fountain pens on earth? (Sorry, there---a little Hong Kong anime dub lingo inside joke).

Haven't you wondered?

Both Count Sockula and Dr. Inkenstein have pondered that question over and over. Well, for short, flea-flicker attention span moments anyway.
The inescapable conclusion is: you can knit with fountain pens. And I have the swatch to prove it.

Actually the fact that you can indeed knit with a fountain pen is not the only inescapable conclusion, but it's one Count Sockula has been toying with ever since a knitting thread appeared on the Fountain Pen Network. Yesterday, the time arrived for the Great Science Experiment.   Behold!!!  The moment of truth. The yarn hit the pen. The buck stopped here.

Knitting with a pair of Hero 616s was awkward and silly but it proves it can be done. Now to move on.
The profound and genuine link between fountain pens and sock knitting is just this: color.
I'm color-crazy. The more colors I can jam into a sock, the better. The more different inks I have loaded in my fountain pens, the better. I love color. Right now I am looking at an apple-green pair of three-pound dumbbells. They are much, much more effective than black bells of the same weight. An unfinished pair of socks in Easter-egg colors is sitting in a fuschia basket. This will make for better socks. I have a favorite omelette pan in blazing yellow and orange. Omelettes taste better in it. Color makes the world go round.
Some people are all about black or blue ink only. I can respect that. One of my pen buddies is a Sheaffer Blue-Black man.
Some people also knit socks of a single color. Yes! I've heard it's true!
That would not be me.
So now that one mystery is solved, carry on, one and all, and stay tuned for the---dun dun dunnnnn!---EXCITING MYSTERY SOCK!

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  1. That is so cool. Multitasking pens.