Saturday, December 15, 2012

Elementary, My Dear Hiei: In Which We Pause To Post Fanfics

A haunted mansion is the setting, and a frightened family discovers two mysterious strangers at their doorstep on a dark and stormy night.


Behind every shadow lurks danger

Elementary, My Dear Hiei (C1: The Curse of the Haunted Manor)
It was a dark and stormy night when the beleaguered Puffington clan discovered two trespassers.

The rain did not so much fall as gush like clear blood from a lightning-clawed sky. Crashes of thunder rattled the windows of the mansion house, wringing from the un-nerved occupants startled cries.....

"Why not call the coppers on them?" inquired Smarmy. "We've every right. They're trespassing on our land after all."

"But Smarmy dear," Pudge reminded him. "The phone is dead."

This was true; Pudge feared they might be reduced to communicating with the outside world by post.

As one, their gazes fell upon the mysterious envelope lying on the side table.

"Shall we open the letter?"

They had feared to do so before, but now it seemed urgent. Dumpling lifted the letter, and handed it to Merope.

Mopey passed it wordlessly to her brother, who fobbed it off on Smarmy, who handed it like a hot potato to Pudge.

Pudge took it in her shaking hands. There was a heavy red wax seal, and then the thick cream-colored paper crackled as she withdrew the missive, hand-written in a bold black script.

With all that had occurred, Pudge's courage failed. "Oh, I can't! You read it, Dumpy dear."

Taking the letter, Dumpling cleared his throat and read:

'Expect us for dinner tonight at 8 PM.

- Monsieurs Hero and Delamont.'

They all looked at one another in complete puzzlement.

"Who...?" wondered Smarmy.

"Eight o'clock," said Twitchy, "Why that's right about-"

The doorbell rang.

"Don't let them in," whispered Mope. "I'm afraid."

"They're here!" Eyes wide with panic, Twitchy clutched at his shirt. "What shall we do?"

"Stiff upper lip," said Dumpy, "and pray the ghosts don't put in an appearance."

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