Monday, May 20, 2013

Superheroes! In Which Dr. inkenstein Handles The Dark Knight

Super Heroes! 

Really, Dr. Inkenstein got this idea from friend Susan, and we thank her for it.

If you were a superhero, what fountain pen would you use?  (or even BE, as a weird alter ego)?
Because of course superheroes use fountain pens.

What, you never named your fountain pens?   This trio of Superheroes just happen to be my heaviest, costliest, most 'significant' pens.  Ones you've even heard of.  Coincidence?  I think not!

Well....ladies first:
Wonder Woman had no trouble picking out this one. The Waterman Carene matches her favorite nail color, tomato red, and its inlaid nib has the elegance of a freshly-manicured fingernail.  

This sleek, well-balanced pen has no trouble fitting into any magic belt, and its cartridge/converter versalitity makes it the perfect choice for the heroine on the go.

The ink?  Why, Noodler's Black Swan In English Roses, thank you for asking.

Take the Batman Pen: a Sailor 1911 M, given to Dr. Inkenstein by children’s book author Steve Light.  Many thanks!

Like The Dark Knight, this Sailor is all silver and black and stealth.

The ink is none other than Everflo True Blue, which apparently only the likes of Batman can tame.

Now for the Superman Pen, in brushed gold, just right for those long days journaling in the Fortress of Solitude. Dr. Inkenstein’s second ‘real’ (ie: costing more than twenty bucks) fountain pen, the Sheaffer Legacy was ordered with a bold and suave B nib, and is heavy enough that only Superman can comfortably wield it. 

Writes with Skrip King's Gold, naturally.


And as for the nemesis.... The monstrous Model "Tageschlicht X-530."

This is the biggest pen Dr. inkenstein owns.  It is one of the biggest pens we have ever seen.

This weighty silver torpedo features a glittering clip jewel capable of blinding an unsuspecting foe, and a mirror finish that defies radar, sonar and even Superman's x-ray vision.  

With a bevy of unknown and arcane powers, it uses a black ink, Chesterfield Obsidian, to confound its foes.   Its code name is... Bairasu, after the giant flying squid-lookin' Daikaijuu, or Japanese monster.

Not to worry, though.  With the likes of Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman on its tail, this nemesis will not achieve world domination.


  1. I wonder what pen Spiderman would use?

  2. So freaking cool! The gold color is my favorite! :D

  3. I wonder what pen Spiderman would use
    Something that shoots Bay State Blue. Naturally. ;-p

  4. Thanks, Aisha! Blogger's givin' me a little trouble replying.)