Friday, February 21, 2014

InCoCroMo! In Which Dr. Inkenstein and Count Sockula Both Weigh In

As many of you know, February is International Correspondence Writing Month.  The info can be found HERE.  
Dr. Inkenstein has been participating, and even though InCo is nearly over, have a look at some of the pens and inks in use throughout!
It's been a lot of fun.  Dr. Inkenstein has received many, many wonderful tuck-ins from pen pals, even a surprise sample vial of Iroshizuku Kosumosu ink (you know who you are, VO!), and cool paper, and has managed to slip in a few amusing things in return.
I didn't think I could even stay the course, but I'm up to nearly 40 missives, including those handed out, and February ain't over yet.   Will I do it again?  Maybe.  Should you?  Definitely.  It's too late for this year but Dr. Inkenstein can't think of a better way to play with your pens and ink.
Now on to Count Sockula.  Who has not been seen in quite some time.  The Count is on a scarf kick.

The medallion scarf to the left has a double row in the middle to keep CS's back warm.

The scarf to the right is a pattern I adapted from teh innerwebz...the original had alternating rows of solid dc and trc clusters. I just use what I call the checkerboard stitch....basically a granny square worked in rows. The yarn was Unforgettable, in the Parrot colorway, but the photo really killed all the wonderful mint greens so all you see is pink and blue.  

The thing in the middle is a bag in Speed Cro-Sheen, which I don't even think they make any more!
I have hereby dubbed my February efforts InCoCroMo.    The first Cro stands, of course, for Count Sockula.  ;-p

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