Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Moar 'baggage:' In Which Count Sockula Can't Stop Crocheting

Here are the latest ' round' of crocheted bags.  Count Sockula started crocheting baggage merely to have something to do when resting a painful knee.  Now I can't stop.

It's a little scary.  Muahahaaaa.

The white-ish drawstring mini was from long-forgotten yarn that I found, and it had already been worked into a round.  It's a soft, lustrous cotton with a springy twist.  The green and white mini is stretch sock yarn that had been wound a little too stretchy. 
 Most of the others are made of discloth cotton.  And very, very simple not-really-patterns at all, in which you either make a round in whatever stitch you like, or a rectangle, to make the bottom, and stop increasing to make the sides, which in most cases is a simple arch stitch.  

Hook sizes appropriate to yarn: H/8 for the dishcloth cotton, E/4 for the smaller stuff.

There are three, no, four more bags in the works, including a mini done from free yarn given to me by a local store.  I don't know what yarn it is but it's pretttyyyy.  Pics when they are done.

Oh..the biiig striped bag?  An old one, in a yarn now no longer made (Speed Cro-Sheen, pity...loved that yarn)...and sagging from holding ALL the previous bags.
Stay tuned.  Dr. Inkenstein is looming on the horizon, and I see MOAR blue ink!

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