Thursday, October 16, 2014

Costly Blues: In Which Dr. Inkenstein Blames FPN

The Fountain Pen Network has done it to me again: forced Dr. Inkenstein to buy MOAR INK.  

Forced, I tell you.

What happened is that someone proposed the idea that everyone (or as much Everyone as could be crammed into a phone booth) buy one ink every thirty days and test it to failure. ( 'Scotty!  The engines!')  
Sort of a grand Ink-of-the-Month Club.

Except that the ink is IROSHIZUKU.  From JAPAN.  Which costs way more than the five-ten bucks a bottle Dr. Inkenstein is comfortable with.
Iroshizuku comes in a very pretty bottle that you will not be ashamed of as it sits on your ink shelf.  And they make a lot of inks.  As there was already a bottle of Ku-Jaku in Dr. Inkenstein's cabinet, the thought was, 'One down, eighty billion to go.'  But Ku-Jaku doesn't come up to bat for a few months.

 October's ink is Tsuki-yo, which was luckily in my ink sampler bin.  So, whew.  That gave me time to order a few more samples.
And on re-visiting this ink, I like it more.  In its chosen ink delivery system of the Pilot Metropolitan, it glides.  It is a teal-leaning blue-black that should behave decently in any decent pen. 
I've compared it to other inks and in other pens in a mini-review that reads right-to- left.   And I ended up ordering a whole bottle. 

Silver nib flashes
Silken skates soar homeward bound
Into Moonlit Sky 
More months will bring more ink reviews.  Check out FPN for other comparisons and for the 'rules' if you should wish to participate.
If they do this with Sailor inks, I am sunk. 

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