Monday, May 18, 2015

Nightwalk! In Which Dr. Inkenstein Returns To Fandom

EXCERPT.  With "cover" illo:
Disclaimer: Kenshin does not own the Yuu Yuu Hakusho characters (they are the property of Togashi Yoshihiro et al), and does not make any money from said characters.
What Kenshin does own, however, are all the original characters in this work. Any attempt to "borrow" these characters will be met with the katana, or worse.
For those into timelines,Idiot Beloved is set after the Dark Tournament; Firebird Sweet follows. For background on the mysterious Agency, see Operation Rosary, Trade Secret, Farewell Mr. Groovy, and The Book of Cat With Moon. Nightwalk Pavilion takes place soon after Maya's Tale, when the boys are now in their early 20s, Hiei being the eldest by a few years.
This particular story concerns a couple of Spirit Detectives, detecting. And features a rare-for this author-appearance by Urameshi Yuusuke.
Title: Nightwalk Pavilion
Author: JaganshiKenshin
Genre: General, Mystery
Rating: K+/PG-13
Summary: The town is deserted, Kuwabara is acting strangely, and Kurama is missing. It's up to Hiei and Yuusuke to find out why.
A/N: Thanks for reading this, and I appreciate your reviews!
Could it really be a place where dreams come true?
Nightwalk Pavilion (Part 1: Barrier! Hiei and Yuusuke Walk Into A Trap!)
On that soft June night, the main drag was deserted, but not deserted enough.
"Yo, Hiei!" From the end of the block, someone hailed him, and with a long-suffering sigh, Hiei stopped.
Six feet of gristle and bone, with a granite slab-face topped by a carrot-colored buzz cut, Kuwabara Kazuma approached.
Every three or four steps, Kuwabara took a little sidewise jog, then corrected his course. Strange, Hiei thought, like he can't decide whether to stay or go.
Kuwabara lurched to a halt. He looked down at Hiei. He rasped, "Just the guy I wanna see."
"I doubt it." Hiei prided himself on having gained enough patience to handle even Kuwabara with detachment. He had, in fact, just been ejected from filming a rather involved commercial for a new department store. Two weeks of close confinement with make-up artists and costumers poking at him like some Barbie doll, and Hiei had refrained from slaying a single one of them.
Then the financial backers withdrew, and the project was canceled. Still Hiei had slain no one. This was progress.

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