Monday, June 15, 2015

Continuation! In which Dr. Inkenstein Furthers the Blue-Black Quest

Three pens loaded for testing.

Due to the ink tests, I decided that Diamine Twilight will be the next ink in my five-dollar Tachikawa manga pen, which may approximate the mix of original black ink and the Noodler's Navaho Turquoise I kept throwing into there.

Five days later, Dr. I. was still soaking and flushing that needle-nib pen that had been filled and never cleaned for ten years....water in cup still blue after one week's soaking. Ten years. Five days. I suppose it will take its own sweet time.

The first batch of blue-black testing, on Rhodia Uni:

The Diamine Prussian Blue looks greener than it is...the Tanzanite and Chopin look all to similar in this scan. I believe the Chopin is a little 'softer.' Thanks to KLP for both those samples!

Ooo...maybe I'll do a trio of chromas...

Which turned into a quartet. Diamine Prussian Blue shows turquoise in its corona. Edelstein Tanzanite washes into a royal blue, while Chopin plays it slate. The Skrip BB is from the conical Slovenia bottle and has a really interesting forest-green center.  Dr. Inkenstein loves inks with complex chromas.

To be continued....soon.

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  1. What a cool way to look at our inks. My fav purple is the de Atramentis purple-violet. I'll have to check it's chromatic colors.