Friday, June 3, 2011

That Old Blue Baoer Pen! In Which Dr. Inkenstein Admires A Gift

Pen pal 'KP' recently sent Dr. Inkenstein a beautiful blue Baoer pen.  Here it is, pictured above, on a nest of pocket notebooks (reviewed previously).

Dr. Inkenstein likes it very much.  It is a pretty little number, silver-trimmed and with a blue-wave motif to the rather shiny, heavy body.  In contrast, it writes in a light, delicate line. 

The clip is interesting, to say the least, with a lot of detail where it attaches to the cap.  The clip also follows a wave-ish design motif.   Since I don't know the name or model number of the pen, I will probably call it Mizuno Ami, AKA Sailor Mercury.

Because I can.

Behold!   Here below, some notes on the pen and its performance, scrawled with PR 'Avacado' Green.   Dr. Inkenstein almost said, Levenger Gemstone Green, for thus it looks on the monitor.

In all, a nice addition to the Pen Farm, with many thanks to KP!  


  1. What a lovely review!!! And, thank you so much for the mention, but the thanks really does go to you! You've been very generous to this fountain pen "noobie", so it was my pleasure to share something with you in return. I'm delighted to know that you are enjoying this pen, because I am still having great fun with all of the stuff that you sent to me! ;-)

  2. I thought "noobie" was part of the NOW I GET IT! "Newbie" = "noobie"

    I can eat my Cheetos now.

  3. I'll bring the Cheetos.