Monday, June 6, 2011

A Wing and a Sung: In Which Dr. Inkenstein Compares New Toys

Recently, Dr. Inkenstein broke the Unofficial No New Pens rule, with the purchase of a few inexpensive pens from isellpens---mostly Chinese, one Japanese, none costing over fifteen bucks, a couple as cheap as two bucks. Here's a picture-heavy overview.

All four pens, plus notebook plus ink.  Dramatic lighting (ie: iz DARK!) courtesy of early morning.

Burgundy Wing Sung, notebook, bubble wrap, dramatic (DARK!!!!) lighting:

The handwritten comparisons were accomplished by dipping each nib in Levenger Gemstone Green (thank you, Contrasuggest, for the gift of this ink!), which Dr. Inkenstein liked so much  that I will soon purchase a blue and a red from the same manufacturer.

We have two 'aero' fillers and one cart-filler.  The burgundy Wing has a removable squeezy filler, but this does not mean it can accept standard international cartridges. Believe me. I tried.

The black Wing Sung would do well with any ink, provided you remember what color is in there; the cute little amber clutch ring probably distorts hue. The gold check WS would also be happy with any color, but of course the burgundy will have to be content with reds and, well, burgundies, like J Herbin Rouge Bourgogne.

It is baffling why they call this Plaisir 'yellow.' It doesn't read yellow but soft molten gold, very appealing, perfect for inks in the red-brown-gold family, like Sheaffer King's Gold, or J Herbin Terre de Feu.

All told, Dr. Inkenstein stands in amazement. No, these are not high-end Sailors nor Pelikans. They are decent writers, nice inexpensive pens, representing good value. The Plaisir may be the cream of the crop, with its gold-pearl finish, but for their two dolla' tag, the Wing Sung 235 and 840 are pleasant surprises.

(Insert obligatory MUAHAHAAA. Because you still await the unfolding of the Mystery Sock!)


  1. Those are nice... I love the color of the ink!

  2. Okay, I know your post is about the pens et. al. but DANG those are some cool photographs!

  3. Thankee, one 'n' all! ^^

  4. Oh, that ink looks nice. This will make trying to decide on a new bottle of ink for next year even harder than it is. Especially since I am getting a new pen to go with it.

  5. Oooo, new pen. What kind?

    - Kenshin