Friday, June 15, 2012

Spy vs. Accountant! In Which Dr. Inkenstein Compares The Inner Pen-sonality

Bond. James Bond.
I don’t understand the characterization of the Hero 007 as cheap and flimsy. Maybe the price is low, but right off the bat, the spy pen wrote with a buttery feel and excellent flow.
Whereas the Accountant (Guanleming 978), while deceptively elegant in appearance, wrote reluctantly, dry-er, somewhat scratchier, though it got easier as it went along. And, befitting an accountant’s pen, it’s a little bit particular about the paper with which it associates. Unknown yellow lined pad, begone. Office Max comp book, we can live with it. We just don’t love it. Staples bagassee, now that’s more like it.

Spy Pen, Accountant Pen:

This particular accountant probably works for James Bond. Hence, the fancy-dress. Someone’s got to do the books.
Here we have the case of two pens whose personalities contrast their looks. The Spy Pen looks like it belongs to an accountant. Which makes sense. You don’t want a neon sign flashing, "Hey! I’m a secret agent! Everybody watch out!"
No, you want to do your work undercover! So it’s fitting that the spy and the accountant swapped clothes. After all, if you’re an accountant, people aren’t shooting at you and aiming giant lasers at your personal areas. At least, not most of the time.
Sleek and silver and black. James Bond in a tux, watching out of the corner of his eye.
Silver and gold with patent-leather black section. M’s most trusted bookkeeper.

Behold the two tests and judge for yourself.
James Bond:



The 007 James Bond pen (donated to me by a kind member of FPN) is available from various ebay sellers.
The GLM is available from isellpens, who also has much better pictures than I am able to take. He probably uses a spy camera.


  1. Whoa, I love the ink color, but I think the spy is going down. XD Gold is epic.

  2. Isn't it? Thanks.

    For whatever reason, I keep reaching for the Accountant. I'm using it again today!

  3. Does the spy pen have a license to spill?