Monday, July 16, 2012

Are You Loathsome Tonight? In Which We Post a YYH Fic

Hiei, Halloween, and professional wrestling make a dangerous combo, but toss in a stalking killer, some frightening food, and things go downhill fast.

A/N: This Halloween tale was late in arriving--or early, depending when you read it. In The Cowboy Trilogy it was fun, hijacking the titles of classic westerns and using them as chapter titles. Here I get to play with classic song titles.


Then there was the case of the Psychotic Leprechaun, which Hiei had prosecuted with Urameshi Yuusuke. Who would have thought a creature one foot tall, and resembling a monkey rather than that cartoon guy with the pot of gold, could be so strong? Hiei had been forced to wield his Black Dragon. After its deployment, Hiei had fallen into a trance so deep that Urameshi, unable to rouse him, had covered him with a few sheets of newspaper and left him in the middle of the street.
Hiei had awakened in a garbage dump. Not his finest moment.

Focus on tonight. So it's Halloween. What of it?

The story in full here.


  1. Sorry I've been MIA in your blog here. :( I hope you're having a great summer!