Sunday, July 29, 2012

I Fought The Stub And The Stub Won: In Which Dr. Inkenstein Files And Files Again

Following up on the fude post, Dr. Inkenstein now relates the horriffic tale of the….. (crack of thunder, claw of lightning) HERO THAT STUBBED ITSELF.    

It all began with the thought:  “Hey, this Hero 616, of which I have many, might make an interesting fude.” 

So without further study, we grabbed the pen and a pair of jewelry pliers and attempted to snag the teeny little hooded nib and force it to turn up at the end.  Just like a real fude. Without even heating it first!    

But rather than bending to Dr. Inkenstein’s will, the end of the nib promptly snapped off.  

Here, the normal 616 nib, on the burgundy model, compared to the snub-nose green:

  “Well,” we thought.  “Maybe it will still write.”    And so it did.  Like a carpenter’s wood chisel.    

We cried.     TT__TT

But then, out came the girlie-manicure tools, which we have seen (with our very own eyes!) nibmeisters use.  Ones with professional names you would all recognize.  And we don’t just mean the manicure tools.    

We filed.   We tested.  The nib still behaved like a chisel.  It still tore out big chunks of paper.    

Dr. Inkenstein:  You dare defy your creator?    

Hero:  Hey.  YOU’RE the one who broke me in the first place.    

We filed some more.   And again.   And again.       And what do you know.   It wrote.   Like a fountain pen.

So now, we give you: the results!   In living color!  

We invite you to invest in some manicure tools and see whether you can’t rescue a mangled nib for your own scientific uses. 

 It’ll be fun.   Dr. Inkenstein says so.


  1. Bahaha, If I bended my pen's tip, it'd be trashed after trying to fix it. .________. Good thing it works, I love the color. :)

  2. Thanks! This 'accident's ' turned into one of my fave writers. Some people are expert pen repairers but I'm not there yet. :p