Monday, December 15, 2014

And The Ink Goes On: In Which Dr. Inkenstein Deep-Seas It

Yes, we are still testing Iroshizuku's Ink-of-Teh-Month,  and December's offering is Shin-Kai (Deep Sea):

The ink really does show a Special Effect of drying different from when it goes down wet, and the change is not a pleasant one.  It dries pale and dusty.  Moreover, it was a very hard starter in my test pen, a Nemosine Singularity demonstrator with a garden hose of an M nib.
We are not amused.
I realize many people love this ink, but Montblanc Midnight gives the same sort of  iron-gally blue color on the page, and behaves itself beautifully.
Lastly, a bit of Mystery Chromatography:

Pretty color, nice halo effects.  But what is it?
Could be Noodler's Squeateague.  Or maybe Noodler's GI Navaho (an indeterminate self-made mix of GI Green and Navaho Turquoise).  Or something else entirely different. We neglected to label it.  We hang our head in shame.
The blue squiggle for comparison's sake in the bottom center is Montblanc Balzac Turquoise.  But that's all we know. 
Stay tuned.

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