Thursday, December 4, 2014

Halloween! In Which Dr. Inkenstein Weighs in Late

Since it is already December, why not post my Yuu Yuu Hakusho Halloween fan fic here?
Thanks.  Knew you'd understand.
Mob Scene
Having been shot, stabbed, poisoned, then dumped off the top of a building not fifteen minutes before, Hiei was quite naturally a step slow, and a bit peevish.
When a rangy Siamese cat came tearing out of the night, yowling at the top of its lungs, Hiei thought his eardrums would burst as well. He turned toward the direction from which he had come, to see what the ruckus was about.
The cat leapt straight at him, clung on, then clambered from his leg to his shoulders, its needle-sharp claws stabbing through his jeans.
Hiei took several eyeblinks to react: "Ow."
Moments later, Futoi Junior cannonballed past. Hiei was tired, but not too tired to clothesline Junior off his feet. He spoke above the caterwauling in his ear. "You weren't planning to make a meal of this cat, were you?"
Junior's eyes bulged. "Naw," he said, picking himself up off the street. "But that was."
The creature which barreled after Futoi Junior looked not only hungry, but capable of swallowing him whole at a gulp.
It was an oni, but unlike the mild-mannered Joruju Saotome, Koenma's big blue assistant, this one was red. Breathing steam. With horns. Tusks. And a wild mane of black hair.
Except most of the oni was missing. This was just the head. A head the size of a compact car.
Before Hiei could react, it struck him-and went right through him, without impact. Then it vanished.
Find the rest HERE.

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