Wednesday, December 2, 2015

School Daze: In Which Dr. Inkenstein Returns To The Past obssession, er INTEREST, on the horizon.  

Got this grouping from Peyton Street Pens at a great price, playing into Dr. I's newfound Whatever: vintage-y Sheaffers.

Testing that group of Sheaffer school pens with a dip in Skrip, then loading one with Diamine Schubert.  Dr. Inkenstein's first fountain pen was one such Sheaffer school pen, with the chrome cap and a translucent yellow body.  Somewhere along the way, that pen was lost.  It was a treat to grab these five from Peyton Street Pens.  The anassuming little Sheaffer School pen through the ages.  the shape and materials may change from decade to decade, but always reliable, alwaus fun to use.  They do not come much better for the price.

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