Monday, February 8, 2016

InkBlots: In Which Dr. Inkenstein Visits The Princess and the Peas

In keeping with the recent Ink-Testing theme, Dr. Inkenstein has lined up all available bottles of green ink, ignoring the many test tubes, uhm, sample vials in the Ink Storehouse.

Fifteen green inks? Really? That's too many. Isn't it? 

Some of these green inks look gray (Noodler's BGG, JH Vert Empire, MB Jonathan Swift). Some look brown (Stipula Musk, I'm talking to you!) and at least one looks like a highlighter ink. There are pea greens, spinach leaves, and evergreens.

Noodler's BGG is the only true waterproof ink I know. It also forms little indelible particles of varnish in the ink sac, and, if you're supremely lucky, also the feed. It is kept in a Hero 329. For ever. Even then, it gets cleaned out a lot. Another feature of BGG is that you can dilute it as much as 90 percent with water, and it will still be legible.

Apart from the Hero/BGG combo, the MB Irish Green is in a green Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop, M nib.
All other inks were dip-tested with a glass pen. The test paper is Rhodia ice.

It's tough to pick a favorite, even among the similar blue-ish-y-toned greens like Skrip, Waterman, JH Verte Reseda, and Levenger Gemstone. Oooo...I know...I need another green. From Iroshizuku, maybe.

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  1. There can never be enough green ink....just my humble opinion. ;-)