Saturday, October 1, 2016

Discontinued! In Which Dr. Inkenstein Posts Moar Blobs

Oh, my...has it been this long already?
Dr.  Inkenstein doesn't need any more ink.  Naturally, that must be why I recently bought six (6) new bottles from xfountainpens. 
But I have excuses reasons.  They were being discontinued.  They were on sale.  And the bottles were small.
Just not as small as I had originally thought.
Paper is Rhodia.  Ink names scribbled in pencil.

The only ones loaded now are Antique Jade, in a Hero 616, and Antique Crimson, in a Jinhao x750 fude.  (I like Amberlea's notion of 'abusing' inks by means of pens with biiig nibs). 
All these swabs look different from the swabs posted on xfountainpens.
In my swabs, Antique Jade looks gray, but in the pen, it's a bit darker and greener, and on some papers it shades.
The Crimson looks darker and more intense in the fude.  The Orchid, when dip-tested, is all but black.  Dr. Inkenstein longs to mix a drop or two of Orchid into the Crimson.
They're already sold out of some colors that I wanted.  Hurry if you're interested.

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