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Five Rules For Fighting: In Which Dr. Inkenstein Posts A Fanfic


Disclaimer: Kenshin does not own the Yuu Yuu Hakusho characters (they are the property of Togashi Yoshihiro et al), and does not make any money from said characters.
What Kenshin does own, however, are all the original characters in this work. Any attempt to "borrow" these characters will be met with the katana, or worse.
Idiot Beloved takes place shortly after the Dark Tournament; Firebird Sweet directly follows. For reference, I use a combination of the subtitled YYH anime and the American manga, plus some of the CD dramas.
This particular tale is told from the antagonist's point of view.
Title: Five Rules For Fighting
Author: JaganshiKenshin
Genre: Action/Adventure, General
Rating: K+/PG-13
Summary: Hiei encounters a youkai in disguise-and he means to have Hiei's hide.
A/N: As always, thanks for your reviews and faves!
A killer lies in wait for Hiei.
Five Rules For Fighting
"It's Hiei all right." AkaRaikou's informant ducked back into the reeking alley. "Even though he ain't wearing that black mantle or sword."
AkaRaikou scowled, thinking furiously.
In the Makai, Hiei was still notorious. But several years had passed since the Dark Tournament. It was said Hiei no longer wielded the Kokuryuuha, and indeed, hardly ever carried a sword.
It was also rumored that Hiei had lost a step or two, living as he did in the human realm. That he was an easy mark. But those who spoke of such things did so in hurried, fearful whispers, which meant anyone seeking to make a name for himself could still legitimately aim to take down Hiei.
AkaRaikou-the name meant Red Lightning-had been scouting for Hiei about a week now, and had been forced to pay first one insider, then another, and tonight, this human thug. What was his name? Yama-something? Hardly worth remembering.
But at least this one delivered.
Keeping his voice pitched high, as befitted his current form, Lightning said, "Are you sure it's Hiei?"
"Sure I'm sure." The thug bared tobacco-stained teeth. "But kid, are YOU sure?"
"Just do it. I'm not paying you to second-guess."
They stepped out of the alley, human and youkai. The thug a cheap punk-for-hire, to be had for the price of some booze.
Lightning looked human, but this was temporary. He had taken the appearance of a small and fragile ten-year-old boy, and it was a strain keeping his youki suppressed.
He was a shapeshifter, and his real form was ten feet of bronzed lightning and clawed thunder. Strength wasn't his only merit. He also had speed to spare.
Any moment now, he would secure his fearsome reputation with the murder of Jagan Master Hiei.
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