Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Discontinued, Continued: In Which Dr. Inkenstein Displays Zero Sales Resistance

So... as previously stated, Dr. Inkenstein does NOT need more ink. Seriously. And this has to be why I find myself with ten new inks to test. Ten.  A one followed by a zero.

Paper is Rhodia Ice. Pens are various. The rightmost swabs got a double pass, with some single-pass tail-end showing. 

Many seem dry. Might be the fault of a particular test pen. One of them made an appearance in FPG's Guess The Ink thread.  See if you can match it with the above.

Overall, these are nice enough colors, in spite of some sketchy labeling and occasional hard starting.  And they're being discontinued.  Therefore, on sale.  To which there is no resistance.
(Updating, now that Dr. Inkenstein has run through just about all of them:

Antique Slate has a definite blue base, that I discovered on cleaning it out of the Dollar demonstrator. It was wet and easy in that pen, no hard starts.

Zircon had a kind of...I don't know, oily? consistency to it, that I found on dipping the nib in water to start the pen writing, because it was always a hard starter.  It looked like a colorful oil slick.

Antique Walnut started hard when left for a day or two in the Metropolitan, but with regular use, flowed well, and may be the blackity-brown of choice for me.

Capri was very well-behaved.  So was the utterly mis-named Cobalt.

Antique Crimson and Orchid stained converters and carts but good! Crimson is weird; it's the only bottle that has bubbles, resulting in almost a soapy consistency, and because of that bubbling up, this ink is frustrating to load a cart with a pipette.

Only the rust-colored Antique Raspberry was always unpleasant to use, dry and hard, and I may give that another go in some garden hose or other.

In all, as the Chesterfield line is being phased out, has some nice colors, and is selling at a good price, Dr. Inkenstein recommends trying a few bottles.)


  1. Capri is one of my favorite inks and appears to be a duplicate of Diamine Royal Blue. Too bad Chesterfield inks are gone, they were a great bargain.

  2. They were indeed. I'm glad I had no sales resistance that day.